1 year ago

How to Determine Food Expense in a Restaurant

It doesn t matter that you have the best menu in town, a high-traffic place, beautiful decoration and rave evaluations if your dining establishment charges $12 for a meal that costs you $13 to serve. Your cost to serve a meal includes both read more...

1 year ago

The Radical Sandwich Kings of New Orleans

The chicken-fried steak sandwich at Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans is not so much a food you eat as it is a shape-shifting beast you battle into submission. 2 thin pieces of white bread can hardly consist of the torrent of active ingre read more...

1 year ago

Deregulation of Regional Foods Is a Winning Concept That's Dispersing

In Montana, the Local Food Choice Act would "allow for the sale and intake of homemade food and food products and ... motivate the growth of agricultural sales by cattle ranches, farms, and home-based manufacturers" in the state.

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